“The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”

Oxford Living Dictionary

I’m passionate about technology and its potential to improve the future of humanity.

Mostly, I write about biotech and healthcare technology, but I’m also interested in technology to solve environmental problems. My PhD involved using satellite-based lasers to monitor climate change.

My work has appeared in publications including the Wall Street Journal Europe, Financial Times, Cosmos and How It Works. I also work as a copywriter for clients including the Royal Society.

In my spare time, I write science fiction.

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I love fast-moving stories with strong plotting.

My fiction is mostly techno-thriller, military and hard SF. I’m interested in synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, and things that blow up!

I’m an organiser of the Spectrum London Writer’s Group. I have a novella The Long, Dark Goodnight in Terra Nova: Wars of Liberation, due to be published by Baen Books in August 2019.

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I’m a keen hiker, and enjoy adventurous travel and the outdoors.

I ran a geoscience blog called Outdoor Science for the American Geophysical Union’s blog network. My meteorological post A Tale of Death, Derring-do, and Barometers beat more than 650 entries to appear in Open Laboratory 2010, a compilation of the year’s best online science writing.

My current blog is about science, science fiction & fantasy, and the crossroads between them.

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