And I’m very proud of him… He’s my first major model painting project. He’s a Tyranid Tyrannofex, a massive biomechanical war engine from the Warhammer 40K universe.

The Tyrannofex has the armour and fortitude of a living battle fortress and its bio-weaponry eclipses that of its foes’ most powerful main battle tanks in both quantity and destructive potential

Tyranid painting is knitting for geek girls who like large insectile monsters. My husband bought him for me last Christmas. He took a fortnight to paint, on-and-off, when I was too tired to do anything else. The paint scheme is Hive Fleet Leviathan with a few adjustments.

To get a naturalistic 3D look on the Tyranid flesh, I used Bleached Bone (old Games Workshop paint) instead of Ceramic White for the base layer. I washed with Warlock Purple (magenta) and Liche Purple, overpainting with Bleached Bone each time, and then highlighting with Skull White.

The basing used Army Painters Wilderness Tuft, Snow Flock and Summer Growth on a Citadel Sand base with a Devlin Mud overwash. I accessorised with body parts – note the ‘artistically’ disemboweled guy bleeding out into the dirt on the bottom right.

[Bigger picture on Deviant Art].