Have you had short stories published in the last few years…? If so, I probably want to hear from you.

I’m doing a bit of casual journalism – researching how the market for short genre fiction is changing. I’ve interviewed four writers of short fiction so far , most of whom have published upwards of 100 stories in magazines and anthologies.

I’m now investigating how Patreon might be affecting the short fiction market. If you use Patreon to fund your short fiction, have considered using Patreon, or otherwise think you can contribute to a ‘journalistic’ blogpost about writing SF&F shorts, I’d love to hear from you. I’m happy to ‘read’ back quotes and keep you anonymous, if you’d prefer.

My email address is on my professional website.

[This is what journalists do when they can’t take on new projects… They do industry research into their hobbies]